5 minute actions

Show support for the campaign with the following easy steps:

This will make a genuine difference, as it is important to show the University and colleges that there are many students, faculty, and alumni who support this initiative.

Support us with your JCR, MCR or University society

If your JCR or MCR is supporting Positive Investment Cambridge, show your support by endorsing our campaign via a JCR/MCR motion. Also consider supporting or setting up a College Campaign in your College.

If you are member of a University or College society that is working towards a more socially and environmentally just society, you can support us by endorsing our campaign. If we have the support of many JCRs, MCRs and societies, our voice will be much stronger and will be considered to be more important when talking to university officials.

Get more involved

Start or join your college campaign

Your college’s investments are held and managed completely separately from the University’s, so we need separate college campaigns to make positive investment happen. Go to the college campaign, and look through the FOI responses to find out where your College invests in. We have put together resources for the College campaign and some of the most important facts about and arguments for positive investment to help you with your college campaign. If you want to find out more or need any help, please get in touch with us.

Join the central campaign team

We are always looking for new people to join our campaign team. We need people to plan events, work with alumni, academics and students, liaise with the press, manage publicity and lots of other jobs. Don’t worry about experience – enthusiasm is much more important!

We hold committee meetings once a week during term time. These are informal, collaborative and consensus-based. Anyone is welcome at any meeting, and by coming along you can have a say about the direction of the campaign: contribute ideas for the campaign, posters, organise a rally or lobby alumni!

See the College Campaign page for more information.

Sign up to our mailing list to receive updates via email.

Your Money

Whilst campaigning for ethical investment for the University and colleges, it’s easy to forget that we are all part of the financial system ourselves. Although most of us are in debt rather than having massive endowments to invest, we can still make ethical choices which, collectively, can have a big impact.

To find out about banks which won’t invest your money in the arms trade or destructive oil companies, check out yourethicalmoney.org.

You can read more about banking criminals at banksecrets.org which describes some of the horrific projects funded by European banks. If you bank with the Royal Bank of Scotland or its subsidiary Natwest, have a look at royalbankofscotland.com.





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