Over the past few years, we have been working to build up our knowledge on colleges’ investments, though Freedom of Information Requests (which can be used to obtain information from public organizations) and meetings with bursars. We strongly believe that knowledge is power, and that every member of the University and its Colleges has a right to know about the sorts of investment practices they use, and so we are pleased to share the findings from our FOI requests with you!* We’re still waiting on a couple of college FOIAs and meetings – and will put the information up here right after we get it. Have a look below, and if you want to know what you can do to change the situation at your college, let us know, and have a look at our College Campaigns page!

Click to open spreadsheet in a new window – or view it below.

*Excluding information that was shared under the condition that it not be disclosed publicly. We FOIA’d a selection of colleges in 2013, and have covered all of them (we think!) this year – you’ll find 2013 data at the top of the spreadsheet for those colleges that we requested.


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