Sign our open letter!

In the flurry of sudden realizations that oh-I-have-a-reading-list to do, packing for the start of term and last-minute grasps at the flickering illusion of summer, you might think that we’d forgotten you.

Oh, no.

The PIC team is hard at work, putting together a database of the Freedom of Information requests that we’ve sent out to every Cambridge college. By early October, we should be ready, and will let you know what we find (and publish our information, for you to peruse!).

Simultaneously, we’re also working on building our next big campaign – more information on that to be unveiled, soon…

What can you do in the meantime? Well, there’s always our Open Letter to the university:

Sign our open letterPositive Investment Cambridge logo

to show the University that there are many students, faculty, and alumni who want to see the University to invest their endowments in ways that support environmental sustainability, human rights, labour standards, international development and innovation, and not investments in the arms trade or conflict-ridden areas.

If you want more information, have a look at our most recent policy paper, to the University’s Advisory Committee for Benefaction and External and Legal Affairs (ACBELA). Have a read – it’s a short and clear outline of our position and demands! If you have comments or thoughts on it, or want to know more about any of the brief case studies detailed inside, just drop us a line, or come to our meetings once term begins again.

See you in Michaelmas,

Positive Investment Cambridge


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