ACBELA Policy Paper

At the beginning of Easter Positive Investment Cambridge logo, CUSU SRI Officers Daniel Macmillen, Joe Young and Jonas Knapp presented PICs ideas to the University’s Advisory Committee for Benefaction and External and Legal Affairs (ACBELA).

Have a read – it’s a short and clear outline of our position and demands! If you have comments or thoughts on it, or want to know more about any of the brief case studies detailed inside, just drop us a line, or come to our meetings once term begins again.

Unfortunately most Committee members did not seem to be interested in engaging with students on this issue. Instead of having a discussion about possible ways to improve the social and environmental impact of the University’s investment we were repeatedly told to trust the university and the current procedure.

The University’s ‘Statement of Investment Responsibility’ only states that “the University may balance against its primary responsibility considerations of the ethical nature of investments”. There is therefore no mechanism in place to ensure that ethical considerations are ever heard, even if taking them into account wouldn’t reduce the income of the University, or if a significant proportion of University members disagree with investment decisions. In brief, we don’t trust that the current system is in the best interests of students, or of the values that the university proclaims to uphold. We will keep campaigning and are working hard to prepare several actions for Michaelmas Term. Watch this page and our facebookpage for more info!


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